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Podcast E15 Grand Opening of Evil Izzy’s Haunted Emporium

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A new costume shop called Evil Izzy's Haunted Emporium is opening in Phoenix, Arizona, which is exciting news for horror enthusiasts, cosplayers, and makeup artists. The shop aims to provide a fun and immersive experience, offering a wide range of costumes, makeup, props, and accessories. It is a family-owned and operated business, with the goal of eventually expanding to more locations in Arizona. The grand opening is on May 4th, 2024, and the shop plans to have special guests, makeup demos, and giveaways. https://evilizzys.com/

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Syd (00:01.102)

Alright Hello everybody and welcome to haunted attraction and horror galore podcast Today will be another short and sweet one today. I'm wanting to talk about something That's actually quite exciting. Especially if you live in Arizona if you don't I'm sorry, but it still might be an interesting episode to you all also so there is a new costume shop that is opening up in


the Phoenix, Arizona area, which is extremely exciting, especially if you like horror, cosplay, dressing up, anything like that, you know, photography, you need props, makeups, anything like that, makeup artists. This is exciting news. So we have not had a costume shop for quite a while. We used to have quite a few. There used to be Groovy Goolies, there used to be Mardi Gras and Arizona Fun Services and Eastleys.


Well, sadly, all of those slowly, but surely went out of business. And the last one that I knew that existed was Arizona Fund Services, and that one closed quite a few years ago back. They still do other things. They just don't have a costume shop anymore. So now if you live in the state of Arizona and you want to get makeup or costumes, you have to either get it online.


or go somewhere else in a different state because we do not have costume shops anymore until now. There is a new and exciting costume shop that is opening up and the even cooler thing is it's actually in the Phoenix area not in Chandler, not in Scottsdale, not in Mesa, actually in Phoenix.


I had the opportunity to kind of get a sneak peek into the store, which it's really cool. It has a very nice vibe, great decorations, and on top of that, amazing ownership. And the coolest part is it is a family that owns it, and the costume shop is called Evil Izzy's Haunted Emporium. And like I said, it is going to be a year -round...


Syd (02:27.374)

costume shop. They're gonna be the costume headquarters pretty much for Arizona. Now also they have makeup, they have a couple of local vendors who do different things like t -shirts and knickknacks, also stones and different things like that. So it pretty much if you're a whore lover or like I said if you like to dress up


do makeup or cosplay or even if you're into the drag scene this is the perfect place for you. It is a down to earth and it's not just, I don't want to say it's just like a shop, it's actually an experience which is something they're wanting to try to give. They don't want you just to go and shop, they want you to actually go and have fun and enjoy yourself and it is a nice store. They have


some very interesting products. They also have things that you could use if you're a photographer or if you have like a party or an event coming up and you need like hats or wigs or different things for photo opportunities. They also have makeup. So if you are, you know, a makeup artist or you just want to dress up or you're going to a sports event or you have like prom or a football game.


They have makeup for that too. They also have face paint. So if you have little ones that like to get made up, or even if you have little ones that are interested in learning the realms of makeup, it is a great shop to check out, get some affordable makeup and start learning and practicing, especially since Halloween will be right around the corner. But also I know that, you know, young ones is -


well as people of all ages like to dress up, wear makeup and just have fun. And with Arizona being as big as it is, and we have all kinds of different conventions and festivals. And like I said, sports events, shows, proms, gatherings, different escape rooms, different events that happen year round. And you might want to dress up or put makeup on.


Syd (04:48.174)

for these events. Now we actually have a physical place you can go to and actually look at the products, ask questions, you know, test things instead of just, you know, going online and hoping for the best. You can actually go and see what you're wanting to get. So it's very exciting. Like I said, we've been a while without a costume shop or makeup. And the coolest part too, is they're going to have different brands.


of makeup so different available brands as well as price ranges so they have like Benai, they have Metron, they have...


trying to think of the name. It's been a crazy week. They also have Metron. They have Ben -Eye. They have Krylon. And they also have Woof. And they have some others too. They also have contact lenses. And they have, like I said, they have knickknacks. They have t -shirts. They have Christmas ornaments that are Halloween style. They have dog costumes. They have kid costumes.


They have different little props and stuff. Like I said, they're great for photo ops, like hats and wigs, and they have masks. You name it, they probably have it. And if they don't, I'm sure they could figure out who does have it. And the grand opening for Evil Izzy's is going to be on May 4th of 2024. So that is right around the corner.


They're going to have different things going on at their grand opening I know they're gonna have some special guests and I know one of them is going to be Yuzie We're going to be there and we are going to be doing makeup demos and face painting demos as well as we're gonna have some characters walking around for sure Ray Digger he'll be walking around for photo ops and You can ask him questions take photos with him meet a real zombie


Syd (06:53.902)

But the coolest part of this whole entire thing is that it is family owned and operated, which is close and near and dear to our hearts because that's how we started. So it is so cool to meet families that are touched the same way that we are in the whore and Halloween industry and have decided to make a career out of it. And the mascot and the logo of their stores are actual daughter, which is super cool.


Again, it's really an awesome story and we're going to probably, for sure, I'm going to get them to be guests on our podcasts and we can interview them and ask them more about how they got started, what made them get started and the story behind the story. But just to let you know that the logo that they have is their actual daughter in cartoon form and their goal is to eventually give the keys over to her as she gets older and she can run.


the business, which is really cool. What I mean, that's like my parents. It is so cool to meet parents that are similar to my parents and do the same thing and really care about their kids and think forward like that. But it's super cool that, you know, they're starting a year round costume shop. I know they're going to do good. Like I said, Arizona is such a big state. We have so much going on concerts and.


cons and different events, they're gonna have people going in. And just the fact that it's gonna be a fun environment, they're gonna have people going in. And talking to them from a couple of days ago, they already said that they've had people wanting to come inside and check the store out and it's not officially open really until Monday. But the grand opening is going to be May 4th. So for sure, please, please, please if you can.


go to the grand opening and help this local family business out. And who knows, you might just find something you cannot live without and also come and say hi to us. They're also going to be having a giveaway too at their grand opening. But it's just really exciting, especially for us in Arizona. We've been waiting in a lot of ways for something to come along and kind of...


Syd (09:17.966)

Replace Eastleys, which was one of the bigger costume shops here. And they had makeup and costumes you could rent. And it was, it was an awesome and fun place. And when it closed down, a lot of people were sad. And then all the other costume shops slowly closed down after that. And we just haven't had anything. And it's just been very sad, but it's awesome that this is coming. And


I know one of their, also one of their goals is to eventually have more stores throughout Arizona. And I really hope that comes true because I really think we could use our costume shops again. And I look forward to working and doing more with Evil Izzy's. So for sure, I'll put the website and everything on this podcast so you can check it out. But.


Please support them May 4th. Come check it out. There'll be more information in the description and stuff of this podcast. But I really do look forward to actually talking with them and you all getting to hear their story. They're very interesting people. They're fun to talk to and they're extremely, extremely nice. Unlike other places here that are horror themed. This...


Family is actually really, like I said, they're really down to earth. They're really nice people and they're all about horror and just having fun and giving people a place to belong to and feel comfortable. And like I said, they're open to everybody and they're even interested in the drag community as well, as well as the theater community. You know, we have all kinds of schools and colleges.


that do different theatrical shows. So hopefully they'll be able to get in touch with Evil Izzy's Haunted Emporium and be able to help support them and then watch them grow. So yeah, like I said, this is just a little podcast talking about how exciting it is that we're finally getting your own costume shop and how it's family owned and operated. Even if you're not from Arizona, their story is so compelling and it's...


Syd (11:36.11)

It's touching. You're going to want to hear it. So exciting news. Hope to see you on May 4th. If you do go and you've heard this podcast, let us know. And again, if you are somebody who wants to talk about your business, they want to talk about a haunt, they want to talk about a movie, you would like to be on the show and showcase something, please, please go to USAhauntSearch .com. Let us know, get in touch with us and we will put you on our list.


It is free to be on our show. It is free to be a guest. We always are looking forward to hearing stories of all kinds of different horror Halloween backgrounds, as well as businesses or even things that are important in the industry, like leadership, diversity, communication. If you are somebody that is really good at any of those and you would like to be on our show and talk about a certain subject or topic.


Please, please, please do not hesitate to go to USAhauntsearch .com, contact us and let us know, or you can follow us on social media. But please check out Evil Izzy's Haunted Emporium, and they have a website. It's E -V -I -L -L -I -Z -Z -Y -S .com. So EvilIzzy's .com. We'll put all that information too, like I said, in the description. Thank you so much for listening. We really appreciate you and your support.


and following our show and listening to us. It really means a lot. Please continue the love and support and also if you could tell others and share our little show here so it can continue to grow and blossom and we can do more. Thank you so much. Until next time, we hope you have a great day. Happy haunting.